Identify These Wildflowers

Is there anything lovelier than a walk in the woods in May?

Mystery Flower #1 (3 photos)

Close up of wild geraniums in a woodland
Close up of Mystery Flower #1
A field of wildflowers in May
A field of Mystery Flower #1. Bonus points if you can say why they grow like this
purple wildflowers growing by a decaying stump
Mystery flower #1

I’m new to identifying wildflowers. I knew some (but not all) of the flowers I discovered on my walk over the weekend. I wore the ink off the pages of my copy of Newcomb’s Flower Guide trying to identify the rest before I gave up.

Can you identify these flowers? Answer in the comments below. Bonus points for Latin!

Mystery Flower #2

Three-leaved plant with a spray of white flowers
Mystery Flower #2

Mystery Flower #3

five-petaled purple flowers in clusters on a decaying log
Mystery Flower #3 is a favorite of mine

Mystery Flower #4

daisy-like flower with yellow petals and yellow leaves
Mystery Flower #4. Hard to see the leaves on this one, can you identify it anywy?

Mystery Flower #5

Yellow umbel flowers
Mystery Flower #5. I think I know what this is.

Mystery Flower #6

Small 4-petaled yellow flowers atop spiky foliage
Mystery Flower #6

Mystery Flower #7

Yellow clusters of flowers, long rippled leaves.
Mystery flower #7 .Not going to lie, this one has me stumped.

Can you identify any or all of these? Answer in the comments below.

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